Four of My Favorite Product Designs in Japan

I subconsciously evaluate everything I touch and use. Its presentation, efficiency, ease-of-use, and all the emotions I feel by interacting with it. Living and traveling in Japan for a month, I found that here, even some of the most mundane and inconspicuous everyday products have been labored over to tailor to my needs.

Check out some of my favorite examples of modest and brilliant product designs that I was really impressed with.
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Kaze no Yakata (風の館)

June 8th, Wednesday in Japan Standard Time, I took the long bus ride and arrived at Philosopher’s Path again. I promised myself last time when I walked out of Kaze no Yakata, just after closing time, that I’d do my research and purchase some of these incredible mobiles. Here I was, examining these fairy-like objects. After some 30 minutes of agonizing decision process, I asked the lady to take my order.
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Touring Kyoto

They say Kyoto is the center of Japan’s history. Among the priceless artifacts, I was most interested in traditional buildings of all kinds – temples, shrines, stores, houses, wells, gates – and their unique simplicity and naturalness characteristic of Japanese architecture.
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I decided to take a stroll. It’s only the fourth day since I got back from New York and I’ve already run out of stuff to do. That’s obviously not including my pile of school assignments.

The weather was fantastic. The sun was warm and bright; I felt like a budding plant stretching for his first day of spring.

My house is conveniently near Hillcrest Park. And regrettably this was only my third time there. Families and kids usually go there to sit around and play sports on weekends. It’s a peaceful space where you go to forget daily worries, or ponder on them for a while. I was the only one on the road, but I could hear laughter echoing from afar where kids were playing soccer and baseball. Surprisingly, two timid looking kids took me by surprise.
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Strolls in New York

Part 1: Clouds and Clams

Five hours into flying above the clouds, the plane finally started lowering. The pilot informed us about the windy conditions and weather around JFK airport. My body was sorely in need of some good stretching.

New York wasn’t as cold as I thought. I packed as much as I need into one backpack and skipped all baggage check-in lines to minimize what I call “baggage exhaustion”. By the time I stepped on the familiar ground, my phone was nearly dead from my intense use on my BART trip to the airport.
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