A Taste of Hometown: Noodle Talk

I couldn’t believe my ears when my friend Jack told me about this Hunan-style noodle restaurant with flat noodles. In the 8 years I’ve lived in California, never even once have I heard any praises of “authentic Hunan food.” For unfortunate reasons, Hunan’s cuisine has always been largely overshadowed by Sichuan’s, a much more well-known […]

The Ceramic Town of Tongguan

My hometown Changsha is surrounded by many gems. Tongguan, a historical town known for their family-run porcelain and clay businesses and a kiln relic site, is one of them. Today, I got the opportunity to visit this place with one of my uncles. We drove about an hour in splendid weather and arrived at a […]

Kaze no Yakata (風の館)

June 8th, Wednesday in Japan Standard Time, I took the long bus ride and arrived at Philosopher’s Path again. I promised myself last time when I walked out of Kaze no Yakata, just after closing time, that I’d do my research and purchase some of these incredible mobiles. Here I was, examining these fairy-like objects. […]

Touring Kyoto

They say Kyoto is the center of Japan’s history. Among the priceless artifacts, I was most interested in traditional buildings of all kinds – temples, shrines, stores, houses, wells, gates – and their unique simplicity and naturalness characteristic of Japanese architecture.

Strolls in New York

Part 1: Clouds and Clams Five hours into flying above the clouds, the plane finally started lowering. The pilot informed us about the windy conditions and weather around JFK airport. My body was sorely in need of some good stretching. New York wasn’t as cold as I thought. I packed as much as I need […]