Extracting Gems from Bulletin Points

Many of my friends and acquaintances have asked me to help them with their resumes. I myself have gone through nearly dozens of iterations for just one job. I don’t claim to be a resume expert since first, well, I am not and second, I only have experiences applying to a few types of jobs (mostly in technology).

When iterating on my own resume, I found most of the resume advice out there to be run-of-the-mill. They were useful, of course, but didn’t help make the leap from an okay resume to a great one. Most importantly, they didn’t help you shine.

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A Taste of Hometown: Noodle Talk

I couldn’t believe my ears when my friend Jack told me about this Hunan-style noodle restaurant with flat noodles. In the 8 years I’ve lived in California, never even once have I heard any praises of “authentic Hunan food.” For unfortunate reasons, Hunan’s cuisine has always been largely overshadowed by Sichuan’s, a much more well-known sub-genre of Chinese food.

Tonight, I really felt like slurping some mifen (rice noodles) – so much that I took an Uber ride for 15 minutes to Sunnyvale, where the much recommended Noodle Talk sat humbly inside of an ordinary American suburb shopping plaza.

But I knew this restaurant was not going to be just another ordinary restaurant to me. This little diner I was about to go in would either become my destination to cure my erratic urge for Hunan food or an abomination that I’d irrationally avoid. I stepped in.

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The Ceramic Town of Tongguan

My hometown Changsha is surrounded by many gems. Tongguan, a historical town known for their family-run porcelain and clay businesses and a kiln relic site, is one of them.

Today, I got the opportunity to visit this place with one of my uncles. We drove about an hour in splendid weather and arrived at a rather quiet village, unusually clear of tourists.
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